Monday, 20 November 2017

Electric Floss/Toothbrush vs. Traditional Floss/Toothbrush

For most of us, dental hygiene is something which remains on the top of the list. This is the reason that most of us like to brush, floss and not missing the dental checkup. The main objective here is to whiten the teeth. And when it comes to daily whitening of teeth, most of us tend to pick the best based on what we hear and see in the advertisements on different media channels. During the process, many people get confused regarding what to go for. For instance, many people seem confused about electric vs. traditional when it comes to flossing and brushing. Well, it’s all about looking at the advantages of both and pick the one that suits us well.

Having that said, a little comparison between electronic and tradition flosses and toothbrushes is worth explaining here.


Water flossing

Water flossing uses a water stream which is released with pressure. This stream of water is used to clean food particles and bacteria from teeth and the space between them. Using water flossing, you can also massage your gums to stimulate the blood flow in order to keep dental structure ‘alive’. This flossing technique is thought to be easier in the cases in which it becomes difficult to use traditional flossing for teeth cleaning. In general, it is effective especially in certain situations. However, it doesn’t generally have the capability to remove every particle.

This flossing can be expensive because floss needs to be purchased after spending extra dollars.

Traditional floss

Nothing can beat the effectiveness of traditional floss because it can provide access to nearly every corner in the dental structure. It consists of a string which is used to clean the area between the teeth and the teeth under gum line. The only problem with traditional floss is that it is pretty much difficult to reach the back of the mouth.


Electric toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes have gained popularity for some pretty good reasons. The number one, and main, reason is that the head of the brush moves in rotational and oscillating motion. Hence, you can clean your teeth from several angles while just moving brush along the teeth line. Nevertheless, the electric toothbrushes are not cost effective when looked at from the cost perspective. Furthermore, it is a bulky instrument which you will need to carry while brushing your teeth.

Traditional toothbrush

A traditional or manual toothbrush still gets the job done even though it is not as fancy as electric one. The level of cleaning is entirely dependent on the brushing technique. Hence, if you know the right technique to brush your teeth, you may not need an electric brush. Traditional brushes are cheap and lightweight. So you wouldn’t have problem in the maneuvering.

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